Be absolutely YOU

Welcoming without reservation the emotions that pass through us and that carry us, feeling free to be fully ourselves at every moment, choosing authenticity rather than ostentation, simply radiating and not only seducing, it is in this spirit that Bénédicte Foucart created VA, a high perfumery brand with a unique olfactory signature.

Going against the grain of conventional perfumery, each of the fragrances expresses the being that we are, without restraint or artifice. Thanks to the subtle influence of the gems immersed in its bottle, it is a precious elixir, stimulating for the senses and the mind.

Made with the utmost respect for our skin and the planet, VA juices represent a certain idea of luxury, all in refinement and sobriety. They are more than perfume, revealing our deep nature, in all its complexity and contradictions.


Responsible luxury

Since their launch, VA products have been constantly re-evaluated to improve their impact on the well-being of people and the planet.

From responsible sourcing to minimizing waste, all possible solutions are studied so that products are both in line with the most demanding expectations of customers while promoting the construction of a better world for future generations.

This is our absolute promise

Smell divine. Feel intensely well. Contribute to a better world.


For thousands of years, crystals have been used in creating adornments, in decoration, for healing and protection, in magic and religious ceremonies.

In lithotherapy (crystal therapy) there are three active ingredients:

1. Chromotherapy: the vibration waves, depending on the color of the stones, are different and therefore influence our emotions differently. Spend the day in a red or blue room and you will immediately feel the influence of colors on your mood.

2. Oligotherapy: the stones diffuse the trace elements and minerals that compose them.

3. The energetic aspect: the stones emit more or less significant energy. Indeed, all atoms are assembled into molecules which form a crystal system. The energy of the stone, conditioned by its crystalline system, resonates with ours, conditioned by our state of being, allowing the harmonization of the different physical, emotional and mental spheres.


Smells work through the oldest part of the human brain, the limbic system.

This is where emotions are largely processed and controlled. Unlike optical or acoustic sensory impressions, odors are not processed and filtered by the thalamus, so they can unconsciously trigger emotions in us.

The smell of cake just out of the oven awakens a feeling of security in many people without them being able to really define it.

Essential oils, and odorous molecules in general, act through their scent. Aromachology and aromatherapy are the sciences which exploit the properties of essential oils for well-being.

At VA, we use this knowledge so that each of our products has a positive impact on emotions.

Our SGE commitments

VA is an absolutely committed brand.

Long before the “clean” beauty trend exploded, our brand was already making strong commitments to the well-being of consumers on a daily basis.

Today, we commit to participating in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and making a difference on 3 goals in particular.