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My path to being the Absolute Me....

More than 10 years separate my two photos on this website.

The one on the "Our Story" page was taken at the very beginning of my Valeur Absolue journey. At the moment I was leaving my "fast track" career with the "absolute" conviction that we needed to reinvent the act of perfuming and empower it to help us fully realize ourselves in all our dimensions.

This second photo was taken this summer, near the ocean, where my energies recharge the best.

These 10 years have transformed me deeply.

I have experienced, like every entrepreneur, moments of great euphoria and great disillusionment. I worked day and night, and in parallel, I continued my life as a woman, a mother of three children, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a consultant, ... I exhausted myself, and I came close to burning out from the inside. I persevered thanks to the meaning I found in my company, and most importantly, I embarked on a journey toward my own Absolute Value through discoveries, rituals, and encounters that I have decided to share with you here, with the hope that some of them will inspire you and help you recharge your energies during your own journey.

THANK YOU for making these 10 years of transformation possible through your attachment to VA.