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Valeur Absolue Sensualité

The Rituals to
Smell divine
Feel intensely well


Bright, full and generous, mysterious and sometimes complex: this is the sensuality of a serene, beautiful and confident woman.

There are natural and simple ways to amplify the sensuality on a daily basis, little actions to be done regularly and which, put end to end, add a sensual energy to your daily life and allow you to reveal the absolute YOU.

The aromachology and the scents that enhance sensuality

The Valeur Absolue Sensualité collections use knowledge of aromachology and contains essential oils known for their sensual impact.

“ The Rose de Mai and Jasmine embody femininity in a floral and intense nature”
Valeur absolue - Sensualité Valeur absolue - Sensualité Valeur absolue - Sensualité

Even if we want to feel well, we also want to smell divine and this is why Valeur Absolue has dressed up the active essential oils in beautiful and refined perfumes.
Valeur Absolue Classique collection carries floral, woody and musky tones. The fragrance begins with notes of Sicilian bergamot and white pepper. The heart notes are floral, combining the intoxicating perfumes of May rose and Sambac jasmine.The bottom notes leave a sensual trail of cedar wood with harmonies of musk and amber.
Valeur Absolue Essentielle Sensualité marries jasmine and rose notes in a fruity and woody background, for a very fresh and bright sensuality

The lithotherapy and the benefits of the mineral world

The treasures of nature are infinite.

We know well the benefits of the botanicals and we rediscover today the power of the mineral world, through lithotherapy and the healing power of stones. Valeur Absolue has united these two worlds in its bottles, in the absolute service of well-being.

Valeur Absolue Sensualité Essentielle contains rose quartz, a symbol of femininity diffusing trace elements and minerals, and their pink color gives the perfume a unique, luminous and sensual personality.

Rituals if you have 15 sec, 15 min or more...

15 seconds ritual

Massage your hands with Sensualité Dry Oil, taking time to feel each part: the palm, the fingers, the wrists.  Then gently put your hands on your face and breathe counting to 3.


The nose is directly connected to the part of the brain where the emotions reside. Numerous clinical studies show that certain smells have the power to activate particular emotions in a conscious way (as in Proust’s “Madeleine”) and also in an unconscious way unique to the human species.  Aromachology studies this link between scents and psychology and is the basis of Valeur Absolue perfumes.

Valeur Absolue 15 seconds ritual

15 minutes or more ritual

Indulge in a full body massage under the healing touch of expert hands and let yourself go.  Ask your masseuse to add 3 drops of rose or jasmine essential oil to the massage oil to create a sensual, enveloping scented environment.


Our skin has the ability to communicate directly with the brain, and its nerve endings are very sensitive. Reconnecting with your body is the first step towards more self-love and radiant sensuality.  A massage, a sunbath, a caress are a few sensuous things that can boost endorphins and send signals of happiness to the brain. This is the basis of neuro-cosmetic therapy.

Valeur Absolue 15 minutes or more ritual

Sensualité and you

«  When I want to drive away the spleen and I'm driving, I put the music of my youth thoroughly and I sing loudly in the car ... closed windows! »
Marise, Lyon

The Sensualité range