Valeur Absolue Harmonie

Smell divine
Feel intensely well


Your ally in the complicated days and in the race against time, Valeur Absolue Harmonie promotes the letting go and the return to the essential values, when the daily life is no more than a series of tasks to accomplish. How about sitting in the fireside for a moment, savoring a delicately scented tea, letting your thoughts wander, allowing you to enjoy the moment to better recognize happiness when it comes?
Valeur Absolue Harmonie transports you to a reassuring and rejuvenating universe, serene and warm : a world of absolute harmony.

The perfume

Valeur Absolue Harmonie perfume carries floral, musk and amber tones. The fragrance begins with citrus notes of Sicilian bergamot, orange peel, cardamom and nutmeg.

“Valeur Absolue Harmonie is worn like a long cashmere scarf on a winter’s morning: it is a cocoon of softness and elegance, a bubble of serenity carried by the soothing notes of Earl Grey tea”
Valeur absolue - Harmonie Valeur absolue - Harmonie Valeur absolue - Harmonie

The heart notes envelop you with the harmonies of Neroli oil, jasmine and Earl Grey tea. The base notes release warm tones of vanilla and musk, and the intense sweetness of guaiac wood.

Feel intensely well

Harmonie contains semi-precious amethyst stones that enhance harmony on several levels :

  • Chromotherapy : Their purple color is known for its soothing action.
  • Oligotherapy : The stones diffuse the trace elements and minerals which compose them (*).
  • Energetic aspect : Amethyst stones are real mini-power plants. Their calming vibrations communicate to the perfume a unique and beneficial energy.


The scented well-being rituals

15 seconds ritual

Take your travel size Valeur Absolue Harmonie from your purse and apply two sprays on each wrist. Rest 2 seconds. Inhale by counting to 4, exhale counting up to 6.  Repeat.


The nose is directly connected to the part of the brain where the emotions reside. Numerous clinical studies show that certain smells have the power to activate particular emotions in a conscious way (as in Proust’s “Madeleine”) and also in an unconscious way unique to the human species.  Aromachology studies this link between scents and psychology and is the basis of Valeur Absolue perfumes.


Valeur Absolue 15 seconds ritual

15 minutes or more ritual

Start a bullet journal. It’s a surefire way to store all the important things in one place and relieve the anxiety of forgetting something important.  A nice creative exercise, too!  And if you lack an artist’s soul, visit the website where you can create your own agenda with every possible topic imaginable.


Harmonie is amplified when we are fully in the here and now …  a difficult mission when we have many different thoughts every minute:  “Don’t forget the keys!” “Call about that business deal;” “Tell Dad we’re out of milk.”  Writing down your thoughts in a safe place and realizing that eventually they are not so pressing is infinitely soothing.

Valeur Absolue 15 minutes or more ritual

Harmonie and you

“When I’m stuck in New York City traffic, I’ll start a conversation with the taxi driver and am always amazed at their stories - where they came from, why they’re here - and share how we both love this crazy beautiful city!”

Cynthia, New York

The Harmonie range