Valeur absolue - harmonie
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Valeur absolue - Harmonie


A friend on bad days and the constant race against time, Valeur Absolue Harmonie helps you to let go and return to essential values, when your day becomes just a list of tasks to be achieved.  Wouldn’t it be good to sit for a while by the fire, drinking a delicately perfumed tea, and letting your thoughts wander, allowing yourself to live in the moment so you can better recognise happiness when it happens?

Whenever you feel the need, Valeur Absolue Harmonie takes you to a safe and invigorating place, serene and welcoming: a world of absolute harmony.

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The perfume

Valeur Absolue Harmonie perfume carries floral, musk and amber tones. The fragrance begins with citrus notes of Sicilian bergamot, orange peel, cardamom and nutmeg.

“Valeur Absolue Harmonie is worn like a long cashmere scarf on a winter’s morning: it is a cocoon of softness and elegance, a bubble of serenity carried by the soothing notes of Earl Grey tea”
Valeur absolue - Harmonie Valeur absolue - Harmonie Valeur absolue - Harmonie

The heart notes envelop you with the harmonies of Neroli oil, jasmine and Earl Grey tea. The base notes release warm tones of vanilla and musk, and the intense sweetness of guaiac wood.


All Valeur Absolue perfumes offer a true sensation of well-being thanks to the addition of active natural ingredients with recognised properties.  None of our perfumes contain phthalates or PCM.  Valeur Absolue Harmonie is enriched with:

  • Essential oil of Neroli and of Sicilian bergamot.
  • Manganese and potassium which help to restore balance and serenity.
  • Areaumat Perpetua™, a natural extract of the immortelle flower, which naturally stimulates the production of beta endorphins, “the feel-good molecule”.
  • Valeur Absolue Harmonie also contains semi-precious amethyst stones, a symbol of harmony.