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The concept

Dedicated to luxury spas, our Experience line offers a unique and luxurious moment to
deeply connect with innerself. Like our Classique and Essentielles lines, the combination of Aromachology and Lithotherapy is an invitation to explore the benefits of scents and the good vibrations of crystal stones for the body and the mind.

A unique experience

  • Aromachologie

    Aromachology is the influence of the scents on the human psychology. An aromachology treatment is the use of essential oils to work on the systems of the body via the olfactory system of smell, and trans-dermal absorption through the skin. It has both a physical effect on the body and a psychological (emotional) effect on the mind. Depending on the oils chosen, they can calm, balance or stimulate. There are over 400 different essential oils and they have been used for thousands of years.

  • Lithothérapie

    Since the dawn of civilization, many cultures have acknowledged Lithotherapy. The healing properties of crystals are pure and fascinating gifts of nature. Thanks to their atoms’ specific shape and structure, they work as transmitters and receivers of the energy pulsing in their field. The subtle energy frequency emitted from crystals is then used to work with our own energy field. When in contact with their perfect and stable vibrational frequency, our bodies will try to mimic crystals vibes, this process is called: entrainment. Therefore, crystals help balance entropy in the human body, resulting in promoting wellness within physical, emotional and spiritual health.

  • Massage

    Valeur Absolue has created a unique energetic massage signature, mixing ancestral and modern techniques in a perfectly guided ritual, allowing the therapist to express their best «know-how». Our 90 min. rituals are an invitation to relieve tension, calm the spirit and cut off the daily routine. Working on both energy and Chakras, this complete protocol enables anchoring with self emotions and connecting with inner self.

Our products

A unique blend of 100% natural, alcohol free, Vegan and Organic Soja, Sunflower and Argan oils delicately scented with Neroli & Lavender Essential oils.

  • 100% Natural
  • 99,9% Organic
  • Vegan
  • Anti-oxidant, soothing and moisturizing
  • Alcohol-free

A selection of Spas where you can find us...

Atmosphere Hotels Maldives
Five Hotel Dubai
The address downtown by Emaar
Waldorf Astoria Orlando

Atmosphere Hotels Maldives

Five Hotel Dubai

The address downtown by Emaar

Waldorf Astoria Orlando

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