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Perfume Confiance

28.00 105.00 

A perfume with an intense and reassuring scent, with oriental tones, inspired by the warm and enveloping properties of the Bourbon vanilla pod.  The spices of clove and cinnamon merging delicately with the creaminess of the peach confit and the refined warmth of amber create a wonderful, gentle protection.

An elixir of well-being thanks to the addition of the beneficial properties of natural vanilla, of the minerals calcium and potassium and a natural extract of the immortelle flower, which stimulates the release of beta endorphins.

Semi-precious Cornelian stones reflect the positive and warm aura of this perfume.

(8 customer reviews)

8 reviews for Perfume Confiance

  1. Carolyn

    A great discovery at House of Fraser… and a very nice lady to help me decide which one was best for me. Thank you::-)

  2. Samantha

    My favourite winter scent!

  3. Lauren

    I really liked the smell of Confiance as it’s feminine and sweet. You can’t really go wrong with wearing it in the summer or winter because it’s not overly musky or floral. I felt energised and calm throughout the day and love how easy the bottle is to take around with you.

  4. Elle

    Bought it in Sydney a year ago and cannot live without it! love it, thanks for such a nice brand

  5. Ilona

    My mummy bought this parfume for me in House of Fraser. I absolutely love it! It’s has a really warm and comforting scent. The bottle is stunning with beautiful semi-precious stones inside. So unique and amazing!

  6. Trish de Silva

    I bought the perfume at Sydney airport 2 years ago, love it and have been searching for a local supplier without success – Auckland New Zealand

    • Benedicte

      Sorry that it has been hard to find our perfumes. We ended our partnerhsip with our importer in New Zealand and Australia and want now to find a new one so you can buy our perfumes locally. In the meantime, you can order on our website and we ship free of charge from Europe.

  7. Holly

    Found this during a Spa Day ! Reminds me of my long walks in Paris .. The fragrance has warm amber notes along with the smell of a fine French perfume with the beautiful smells of the perfumeries only found in France ..

    • Benedicte

      Thank you so much! so happy you love it 🙂

  8. Lique (verified owner)

    Fast delivery, i am so happy about this perfume, it is so unique

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