Harmonie essentielle perfume

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Harmonie Essentielle is an ORGANIC certified fragrance made from the highest quality ingredients.

A soft and woody composition inspired by the sweetness of childhood and centered around the soothing scent of neroli.  Harmonie Essentielle is an anthology of notes recognized in Aromachology to soothe the body and mind.  Amethyst stones dance in the bottle radiating harmonious energy.

Refillable bottle is practical, economical and sustainably responsible.

Ecocert Certified ~ Vegan ~ Cruelty Free

The Harmonie Essentielle range is a concentration of pure nature that transports us to a calm, protective universe evoking memories of childhood, spring days and first flowers.  Its scent is woody floral with noticeable notes of neroli, bergamot and vanilla.

The Harmonie Essentielle collection is enriched with semi-precious amethyst stones for their calming properties and soothing beauty.

Certified Ecocert/Cosmos ~ Vegan  ~ 100% Natural



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