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This multi-purpose dry oil nourishes, repairs and softens skin and hair with a unique dry texture and beautiful Harmonie fragrance.

It is made from natural plant oils used in beauty rituals around the world: Argan oil from the Berbers of Morocco, Tsubaké oil used by Geishas and Brazilian nut oil from native Amazonians.

An enveloping fragrance composition based on white musk.  Soothing notes of bitter orange neroli and Earl Grey tea blend harmoniously with the gentle wood tones and roundness of vanilla.

An elixir of well-being thanks to the addition of essential oils of orange blossom and bergamot, of the minerals manganese and potassium and a natural extract of immortelle flower, which stimulates the release of beta endorphins.

Semi-precious amethyst stones resonate with the soothing harmony and enveloping richness of this lightly scented oil.


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