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To go out, my must-have accessory is...
  • a cashmere shawl

  • sunglasses

  • a lipstick

  • a hat

  • a Brazilian bracelet

The color that I feel attracted to today is…
  • lilac

  • blue

  • pink

  • orange

  • dark red

  • yellow

  • green

My beauty ritual is first and foremost...
  • a gentle spray of perfume

  • lips and eyes enhancement

  • a radiant complexion

  • a quick retouch at any time

I like to find in my fragrance some…
  • oriental and vanilla notes

  • woody notes

  • citrus notes

  • floral notes

  • soft and enveloping notes

My ideal moment of relaxation is…
  • a book by the fireside

  • a meditation session

  • some quality time with my loved one

  • going to the gym

  • meeting friends

  • time out in nature

The Valeur Absolue perfumes that fit you best are...


Inner balance is essential and rejuvenating for you. Valeur Absolue Harmonie acts as a protective cocoon to bring you calm and appeasement. Extend this moment of pleasure and discover also discover Harmonie Dry Oil with soft and enveloping notes.



Silence and nature inspire you. Valeur Absolue Sérénitude is a peaceful and warm parenthesis to restore clarity and authenticity. Extend this moment of pleasure and also discover also discover Sérénitude Dry Oil with woody and creamy notes.



Beautiful, serene and luminous, you naturally captivate. Valeur Absolue Sensualité offers a subtle, radiant and ultra feminine seduction. Extend this moment of pleasure and also discover Sensualité Dry Oil with transparent floral notes.



With a friendly and generous personality, you are often in search of perfection. Valeur Absolue Confiance offers you a soft shield to embrace your elegant confidence at any time. Extend this moment of pleasure and also discover Confiance Dry Oil with the affirmed tones of spices and vanilla.


rouge passion

Femme fatale and passionate, you are known to be positively intense. Valeur Absolue Rouge Passion offers a perfumed and enchanting parenthesis to liberate your creativity. Extend this moment of pleasure and also discover also Valeur Absolue Rouge Passion Dry Oil with floriental tones.



Gifted with a natural positive temper, every daily pleasure uplifts you. Valeur Absolue Joie-Eclat reflects this sparkling freshness like a glass of champagne and puts a smile on your face. Extend this moment of enjoyment and also discover Joie-Eclat Dry Oil with fresh and floral tones.



Action and dynamism characterize you. Valeur Absolue Vitalité offers you an irresistible sense of energy and exaltation that invite you to live your life to the fullest. Extend this moment of pleasure and also discover Vitalité Dry Oil with fresh and fruity tones.


Do not hesitate to take our quiz again since, like all multi-faceted women, your preferences can change according to your emotions ... and so can your perfumes!