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Cardiac coherence for more Harmony (Harmonie)

Well-being Rituals

The principle is as follows: since the heart has nearly 40,000 neurons, a complex and dense network of neurotransmitters, it communicates directly with the brain. By acting on our heart rate through breathing exercises, we have the ability to send positive messages to the brain.

We already know that the brain influences our heart rate: fear, anxiety, anger will accelerate our heartbeat and our breathing. When the annoyance or danger has passed, our breathing becomes calmer again and our heart slows down.

What is less well known is that the link between the heart and the brain exists in both directions.

By influencing the beats of our hearts, we can influence our brains and well-being. It is directly linked to our autonomic nervous system. It manages our sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

You can try this very effective app that can be used anywhere: RespiRelax.
We breathe in on the bubble that goes up, we breathe out on the one that goes down… And it will bring calmness instantly!

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