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Philosophy of creation

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Philosophy of creation

Valeur Absolue aims at creating more smiles in women’s life so each of our products was imagined to sublimate a positive emotion.

Our creations are inspired by secular knowledges used for the greater well-being of all:

  1. The aromachologie or the influence of the smells on the human psychology
  2. The lithotherapie or the vibratory power of stones on our well-being

Our formulae use carefully selected raw materials and contain a high percentage of natural ingredients (significantly higher than what the perfumery market offers today).

Those are essential oils and extracts of plants with powerful olfactory properties, such as the Bergamot of Calabria; the absolue of Rose, Jasmin or Tonka bean; the Australian sandalwood, Vetiver, Patchouli oils…

Those are also the semi-precious stones carefully sourced and inserted by hand in our bottles. It took millions of years of wind, rain, tectonic movements to bring them to the surface … and to the Valeur Absolue perfumes, so we treat them with great care.

They are pure treasures of nature creating well-being emotions and being the soul of our perfumes.

Our creations are not completely natural today since the current techniques of formulation could not offer a trail and a lastingness on line with the Haute Parfumerie’s standards, as voiced by many consumers questioned on this subject.
But any non natural ingredient present in the formula is carefully tested and validated for safety by independent authorities.

As a consequence, each of our product offers the best balance between pleasure and well-being, so women can get both, in complete safety and serenity.

It is an approach that we revisit on a regular basis as technologies evolve to ensure that we are always true to consumers’ aspirations and to our brand’s promises.

Because Valeur Absolue aims, with each innovation, to bring more smiles into women’s lives.







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