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How Aromachology Works

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How Aromachology Works

Aromachology is a science that explores the relationship between fragrance and psychology, it studies how scent stimulates and revitalises the olfactory circuit found in the limbic system of the brain and how a fragrance can arise various emotions and feelings of happiness, calmness, peacefulness and sensitivity.

The body and mind are very much related with each other and this is the reason all emotional or psychological problems greatly affect our physical health. For instance, if your are under excessive stress, it will cause changes to your body, it will break the hormonal balance, decrease metabolism and may lead to skin trouble as well.
Our limbic system, that controls our emotions, is very sensitive to smell.

This makes it possible for different fragrances to influence a person’s emotions and actions. A fragrance that gives off a positive vibe can change a person’s behaviour into a more positive one and also provide joy.
A group of psychologists conducted an experiment on college students and injected mint and lily flavour in their study room, as a result, the fragrances increased the attentiveness and learning performance of students.
It is also found that Vanilla flavour is excellent for relaxing patients during an MRI scan.
Pleasant scents have also the proven power to raise self-esteem and some scents like lemon or basil also increase work performances.

Valeur Absolue is a perfume that incorporates the knowledge of aromacholgy into its creations and offers Haute Parfumerie enriched with Well-being. Each perfume is more than just a pretty scent, it is positive emotions in a bottle.

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