About us

The brand

"For the first time, Haute Parfumerie meets Well-Being"

The Valeur Absolue brand is the brainchild of Bénédicte Foucart, and marries for the first time Haute Parfumerie and Well-Being

By launching Valeur Absolue, she gave life to a label which understands today’s multi-facetted women in all their dimensions with their aspirations and also their contradictions.

Valeur Absolue wants to offer them the best of all worlds: the refinement of the most beautiful perfumes and a genuine feeling of well-being thanks to the addition of natural active ingrédients .

For all these passionate, active, beautiful and generous women, Bénédicte Foucart launched the Plus que Parfum®.

A unique and innovative concept which was received enthusiastically by users across the world, offering them a perfume which is like them: original and surprising, beautiful from inside out.

With Valeur Absolue, perfume becomes more than just a pretty scent.

Our creative talents

These people have played a special role in the history of Valeur Absolue.

  • Expert of the world of beauty and inventor of memorable campaigns, Mark, based in New York, developed for us a unique, joyful and magnificent identity. He is our biggest creator of smiles

    Mark Dixon

    Creative Director

  • With his luminous and creative personality, Al gives life to the emotions of our perfumes through his amazing doodles in a beautiful and unique way

    Al Naclerio


  • Based in New York, and involved in the brand since its beginning, Joanna translates the campaigns for the various media and countries (during her weekends and holidays). She is also a key emotional support

    Joanna Gaffney

    Graphic artist

  • Parisian and citizen of the world, creator of Grand Crus in the perfumery world, Nathalie takes the olfactive direction of the brand and gives it a new passionate identity

    Nathalie Feisthauer


  • Grande connaisseur of fashion and champagne, Catherine managed to translate into stunning perfumed notes a very enveloping and soft Harmony and a energetic and crispy Vitality

    Catherine Szelig


  • Growned up in Grasse and in love with beautiful natural raw material , Pierre translated splendidly well serenity, joy, sensuality and confidence into fine perfumes with memorable trail and personality

    Pierre Négrin


  • Knowing the region and the beauty industry exceptionally well, Maria put her passion, professionnalisme and great talent at the service of our regional development and long term growth.

    Maria Watson

    Middle East Expert

Thank you also to all those who reassure, motivate, advise, listen and who make the impossible possible – every day

Our Values

Boldness and Tenacity

Boldness and the ability to take risks in order to implement the innovative ideas we believe in.
Tenacity to develop long-term projects and build value in a sustainable way.

Respect and Sharing

Respect for our clients, our customers and our partners for their needs and strongly felt aspirations so we can build together lasting relationships.
Sharing risks and above all success with our clients and within our working environment/community/

Passion and Enjoyment

Passion for adding value and bringing about a real difference.
Finding joy in the moment because we love what we do and we do what we love.